Funding Children’s Education

The over-riding goal of ABCD is to ensure that all of the ABCD children are able to attend school on a regular basis, and are able to reach their fullest potential. The funds we raise from our various fundraising avenues are allocated as either ‘dedicated’ or ‘non-dedicated’. All funds dedicated to a particular child are used exclusively for that child’s education and health needs. Non-dedicated funds are divided up equally amongst all the children and could be used as a source of funding other projects, e.g., school breakfast programs. We also use a small portion of the non-dedicated funds (far less than the 20% permitted by Canadian law) for administration and operating costs.

Depending on whether your donation is dedicated or non-dedicated, and on the needs of a particular child, your donation may help pay for:

  • school lunches
  • supplementary food if needed (maize, beans)
  • exam fees
  • tuition fees (secondary school only)
  • school photos
  • school improvement costs
  • 2 uniforms and a raincoat
  • shoes and shoe polish
  • school supplies
  • skin care cream, soap, toothpaste and brushes
  • awards for improvement in school

Looking to the Future: These are some of our plans in development

  • computer literacy
  • remedial and tutoring help
  • post-secondary opportunities for the children’s futures (apprenticeship, college, university)
  • solar lighting in children’s homes for evening studies

ABCD Senior Students

Many of our children have succeeded up to Form 4 (Gr. 12) in secondary school, which in itself is an achievement, and have the opportunity to move on to advanced studies in secondary school, college studies and even University studies.